happy birthday raney!

our sweet, lovable, cuddly, funny, stubborn little boy turns 5 today!  i am in complete denial that these years have flown by as fast as they have!  at times i want him to be a baby again but i look at him today and love him for how he has grown into such a young boy that i don’t want one thing to change.  i would give anything to “forever” watch him play transformers and star wars all day long, his imagination is endless!  just a few short months from now we will be watching him enter into kindergarten and as much as i’m gonna ball my eyes out, i’m looking forward to all the possibilities that are out there for him!  daddy and i are so proud of you raney, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!!!!  happy birthday, we love you, you are our EVERTHING – mommy and daddy!

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