bitter sweet

ms. ehrenberg holds a very special place in my heart!  she was raney’s very first preschool teacher.  when we walked into her preschool room 2 years ago, raney was only  3 years old and i knew right then and there we were gonna have a very hard time separating from each other.  he didn’t want to let go and in my heart i didn’t want to let him go, but over walked ms. ehrenberg who put us both at ease.  the two of them connected from that day on.  each day i dropped him off it got a little easier, it may have taken quit a few months and over time he began to literally just kiss me goodbye at the door and  go in with no hesitation.  by the 3rd month into the 2nd year of preschool ms. ehrenberg had to give an emergency parents meeting to inform us that the school was being shut down due to funding, that was probably the hardest news we all had to hear.  we not only had to say goodbye to an excellent preschool program, friends and teachers but we had to say goodbye to ms. ehrenberg.  i know if it wasn’t for her raney wouldn’t have done as well as he did transitiong into his new preschool pre-k program.  after months of job searching ms. ehrenberg is taking a position in michigan and will be leaving a lot of friends and loved one’s here in arizona but none as important as her boyfriend casey.  you two are so adorable together and it was really special to witness the connection you two have!  i know the long distance will be hard but you two will make it work!  ms. ehrenberg thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping mold my son into who he is today and good luck with your new position, they are with out doubt the “lucky one’s” getting you for their program.  here are a couple shots from our session the other night to hold you over, please have a safe flight tomorrow, you will forever be in our thoughts and prayers.

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