birthday, holiday and vacation…oh my!

wow, what a june we had….celebrating kurt’s 40th, father’s day and disneyland all within days of each other!  we had the time of our lives at disney once again this year and to think it had been at least 20+ years since either kurt or myself had been to disneyland….thank goodness for having kids…they take you back to the way it all should be!  raney’s go-to rides were: buzz lightyear’s astro blasters (i lost count of how many times we were on this), matterhorn, big thunder (countless times), toy story mania and monsters inc.  if you ask him about tower of terror you won’t get that great of a reaction but mom and dad loved it, i don’t think he’ll even consider on attempting this ride again until he is at the least a teenager!  here are a handful of pictures from the couple days we were there, enjoy!

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