ten years

if i wasn’t aware of how blessed i’ve been, after our past trip to cabo to renew our wedding vows this past july, i certainly do now!  kurt and i had planned on renewing our wedding vows for our 10 year anniversary for quit a long time and i couldn’t believe that it was finally here!  even though our wedding anniversary was officially on march 25, 2010, we had made plans for renewing our vows on july 24, 2010, this is when we were able to get everyone’s schedule to connect.  to be able to have our son right by our side and be included in our vow renewal is the most special moment i could of asked for.  then along with my parents, my youngest brother, his beautiful wife and the most adorable 6 month old nephew and my dear friend ann-marie join us was “almost” perfect.  we were missing my other younger brother and his beautiful pregnant wife (who will be blessing our family with another baby boy this fall).  but not so fast…..the night before, in walked my brother and sister-in-law, to say we were surprised was an understatement.  they flew in last minute just to be there for us for our special day!  family is everything to me and to have my family fly thousands of miles for me, kurt and raney…..leaves me speechless and touches our hearts beyond explanation!!!!!!  we cannot thank you ALL enough, but can tell you that we love you ALL with ALL that we have!!!

and to my husband, kurt, i love you more today than i did the day we said our official “i do’s” ten years ago, you are my lifelong partner and will forever be my friend.  you have given me the most precious gift that not even my wildest dreams could ever fathom, our most amazing light of our lives, our son.  we make a pretty darn good team, the three of us….were just “living on love” baby!  happy anniversary. xoxo

here are some beautiful pictures of our “to good to be true” day, taken by our dear, dear friend ann-marie.  thank you from the bottom of our hearts, am, for documenting our vow renewal ceremony, we love you!

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