just like that….

kindergarten!!!  my baby is off to kindergarten!!!  as a lot of us know when you have a baby, you can never really fathom the love they will hold in your heart…”forever”!!!  i took raney out the week before school started to take “kindergarten” pictures and to start a new tradition every school year (oh how he will love this year after year *insert sarcasm*)!

knowing all summer long that this day was coming was very bittersweet and a very emotional concept for me to grasp.  my “only” child has taken the next step to becoming “all grown-up”…what is it we always say???  they grow up way too fast…so worth repeating over and over because they do!  its really out of any of our control and i’m gonna try and learn to accept it *sigh*!

he was completely prepared to tackle all that school life has to offer with his darth vader backpack and lunch tote and many, many “love notes” as raney calls them tucked away with each lunch from mommy.  i feel a mixture of  pride, sadness, excitement and worry…welcome to parenthood! 😉

raney, i will continue to take all the hugs, kisses and “i love you’s” that you give and will always be right by your side when you ask for me to cuddle with you in bed until you go to sleep.  i treasure and savor each and every second watching “you” grow up, you are so funny and such a loving boy, i could never of asked for anything more!!!  you are the core of this family!  i love you!

Raney and his BFF, Callee on the first day of school!

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