.awww grandparents.

whats better than a grandparent?  pretty much….nothing!  here i am playing catch up from 2010 sessions and saved the best for last!  these are my parents along with all three of their grandsons, whom they adore more than anything else life has to offer and i can say without hesitation these three little boys feel exactly the same way!  they adore their “papa” and “magna”!!!!!!

here they are with their “newest” grandson, william cody raney jr., (this is my brother cody and sister-in-law’s son).

next with their “just days away” from turning “one” grandson, ryder matthew raney, (my brother matt and sister-in-law’s son).

and with their “oldest” grandson, raney kade hofleit, (ours!).

AND….this is what 30 years looks like…….i “heart” them!

of course you’ve gotta have a couple outtakes (silly, silly boys!)…..


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