.project 52. week 3. black and white.

wow, were on week three already!  i am doing this project with 19 other photographers, not only to treat all of our blog readers, but to keep us honest and on track. we have a list of 52 “ideas or themes”  that we will shoot each week for the year.  i will take a picture of our theme for the week, the way i interpret it, and post it on my site. then under my post, i will link another photographer who is part of the project for you to see her interpretation of the theme.  after you see hers, you will notice a different link under her picture that will then take you to the next photographer’s website.  if you continue to click on the link under each picture, in the end you should see 19 other pictures and eventually make it back to my site.  when i say there is some AMAZING talent in this group, i am not lying, you will definitely want to check out everyone’s pictures!

this weeks challenge is black and white.  i absolutely love the way a black and white portrait can be so timeless.  i knew right away who i wanted to photograph for this weeks theme….koda!  koda is our “other” baby, although technically he was our “first” baby. lol  he is such a loving, loving dog and truly is my shadow.  it does not matter what part of the house i am in, he is right under my feet and although i’ve complained of this a little here and there, i wouldn’t have it any other way!  he will be going on 10 years old this year and even though his little nose isn’t as black as it use to be, he sure is still as feisty as that puppy we once knew!  i got to sneak in a couple images of him where he loves to be, right by my side, under my feet, while i work away at my computer.

now click here to check out the very talented and creative crystal keith with ck dawn photography and her take on this weeks black and white theme.


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