.project 52. week 4. i love faces.

here i am back for another friday fifty-two with my amazing talented bloom group.  we are on week four with a i love faces theme and remember, to continue the tour just click on the link at the bottom of the picture. 😉

we got to help celebrate my nephew’s first birthday this past weekend and when i was going through all the images, this particular one stood out from all the rest!  this is a face i just want to nibble on, i love it so much!  i know as parents we anticipate that first birthday cake smashing and sit ready with cameras in hand, just waiting for them to throw themselves right into that oh so yummy icing, but more times than most…..it doesn’t happen!  it didn’t happen with our son and it didn’t happen with my super adorable nephew, ryder!  i’m not sure if it’s because by the time it’s “cake” time they are just soooo extremely exhausted from all the excitement and running around or if its the way we all stand around the poor child and clap and stare, putting all this pressure on the poor baby.  either way, it just wasn’t happening with ryder but after some hugs and snuggles from mommy and daddy, ryder was ready to get back in his chair and eat his “first” birthday cake all proper with his eating utensils.  i remember this exact moment, my sister-in-law (amie) bent down to talk to her little man and asked if he’d share and not a moment later that fork went right into mommy’s mouth……awwwww, love this face and this moment, it takes me right back to when my little man had his “1st” birthday!!!!!

now please head on over to the oh so very talented jenn duguay at jenn duguay photography in alberta.


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