.project 52. week 5. food.

believe it or not i’ve been really nervous about this week’s theme: food!  for those that know me well, know the fact that i’m not a “cook”, never really have been.  i know many of you out there find joy in cooking…me however, not!  on the flip-side i do enjoy baking….a lot, so much that i also love eating the baked goods as well.  😉  case in point, this particular theme, i thought to myself, i’ll bake some really beautiful valentine cupcakes, seeing that were only days away from this “loving” holiday and i’ll take some really amazing images of those beautiful cupcakes.  so once i was done taking those images i thought i’d reward myself with ONE cupcake (who am i kidding, more like ONE at a time!!!!!), so as i sat there and took two bites back to back, i looked down and thought now this is a “real food” image…..not the beautiful uneaten cupcakes but this one right here, enjoying my fruits (cupcake) of labor!  and  boy did i enjoy………it was yummmmmmmmmy!!!!!!!!

now please head on over to amy bowman to find out what she’s cooking up!


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