.project 52. week 8. light.

this weeks theme….light!  oh how i love to find the light when out with my clients.  hope your not getting tired of seeing my little man for these themed projects, i just can’t resist getting a chance to have him help me!!!  of course the one day and time of day (right before sunset) i had set aside for this weeks project, clouds rolled in out of no where!  it was a gorgeous clear day up until i had the chance to run out to this specific location, so as we drove down the road and as i parked and we ran to the “spot”, or more like me dragging my poor child as quickly as possible to the “spot”, we patiently waited and then, she appeared…… ohhhhhh she was beautiful peeking through those clouds!  yay!!!!!!

next up is the super talented brandie pahl, michigan photographer.  go check out what she has in store for us and then continue the cycle till your back with me.


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