.project 52. week 10. nature.

wow, this week’s theme of nature came faster than i anticipated (being on spring break has messed up our routine just a bit-but i’m not complaining) and almost thought i would have to pull out because i didn’t get a chance to get out and about like i had wanted too, to get my shots of cacti around the desert, but then i starting thinking really hard about how i could interpret nature. and after visiting with our very close friends last night to see their beautiful new addition, max, i thought…..perfect!  what better way to express this week’s theme than with a brand new 9 day old precious baby with his mama-now thats nature at its finest, wouldn’t you agree?!!!

now make your way through the circle by visiting the very talented megan wold, one of north dakota’s finest photographers!

and if you haven’t done so yet, you need to check out the amazing everything bloom blog and see all the other groups participating in the 52 project!


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