.project 52. week 12. reflections.

happy friday, on this april’s fool day to you all!  this week’s theme is reflections.  my handsome hubby and i were off to palm springs for a quick anniversary get away this past weekend (11 years!) and when i mean quick, i mean….not even a full 36 hours but it was the perfect amount of time to get a chance to re-charge and re-connect, with out all the hustle and bustle that surrounds our daily routines, which i know all of you are well aware of and encounter yourselves. 😉  as we were walking back through our swanky, trendy hotel from the pool, i made my better half stop and pose as we saw our reflections in the many, many mirrors that surrounded us….so this is us, trying to act ultra hip, with our serious looks and all! ha!

now to continue on with the theme, go check out the amazingly talented megan wold, north dakota photographer!

happy, happy weekend to you all!


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