“it took years…..but luck was FINALLY on my side the day that test read positive!  i am not only lucky to be just a mom, but i’m oh.so.lucky to be just “HIS”!!!!!!!!”

you may have heard me talk here and there about belonging to this AMAZING photography forum called the bloom forum!?!?!!!!!  there are so many great things about his forum, one in which they come up with these super creative monthly contests and for the month of march, the creative challenge contest was to capture an image to represent the word “LUCKY“!  i entered this image i took of my little man and myself along with that quote and although i was not the first place prize winner, i did get co-runner-up.  YIPEE, YAY me!!!!!!  :-) all in all i absolutely adore this image i captured of us just “being” us! 😉  THANK YOU bloom for helping me step outside of my box and if you haven’t checked their blog or forum out yet, do so right away !!!!!! 😉


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