wow!  it’s happening again!  my baby is turning another year older and it seems to come faster and faster every year!!!

you, my sweet boy, are such an incredible smart and witty young man with a heart soooooooo loving!!!  you truly amaze me!!!

…and OH are you silly….ohhhhhh…..so, so silly……..you are constantly just cracking us up!

i fell deeply in love with you the moment i laid eyes on you when you were born and have continued to fall head over heels in love with you over and over again, you make it just so darn easy!

you are my absolute favorite subject to shoot, even though you can get a little bored and want so badly to just be off with your lightsabers as you undertake the role of  general grievous to take down the one and only obi-wan kenobi (you always want to be the BAD guy)!!! 😉

but as i continue to plead for just “one” more……you never disappoint.

i will NEVER get tired of your random, out of the blue kisses, hugs and “i love you’s”.  you really are the sweetest child who has forever stolen my heart!

happy 6th birthday raney kade hofleit

we love you beyond words!

xoxo ~ mommy & daddy

~ and can you not get over how super adorable that crown is from sweet violet jane!!!  they are all reversible and the fabric on each one is so soft and as you can see here as Raney models one of the boy’s crowns they are amazingly cool for your little guy.  and to see all her creations along with the gorgeous girls ones too, make sure you check her esty store out!!!!!!

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