.project 52. week. 26. independence

what a great theme…independence!  as soon as i saw our theme for this week i thought perfect timing to start really letting my son know the true meaning of this word, when it comes to “doing some things for ourselves”!  as an only child, you can have many things work in your favor, one in which “mom” does just about everything for you (secretly, i would do this for the rest of his life ;)) but i know it will only benefit him to start becoming more independent and doing things on his own.  so on this particular day, i thought what a great time to start when he asked for lunch……..

yea, that last picture is him being pretty impressed with his work and taking it upon himself  to “frame” his creation! HA!

now lets continue with our 52 circle with my friend misty setzler, lubbock, texas photographer and she what she has for us this week.


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