.back to school.

and were off to first grade {insert *tears*}!  our baby is growing up faster than we can keep up!   its all so bittersweet, as all you parents can attest too!  i am continuing the tradition of taking raney out to do “back to school” images as i started last year for kindergarten, here.  we set out just last weekend, two days before school started and it was extremely HOT and my little guy wasn’t too much in the mood for picture taking so i consider these images “better than nothing” as he appeased me for a short time-frame.  we had found these glasses and thought they’d make for some fun images along with a #1 balloon to signify going into first grade.  i thought it would also be fun to play around with some different processing than i normally do……..

its been only two days since raney started back to school and i’m already feeling lost without my sidekick right next to me!  summer vacations just aren’t long enough anymore, but i will forever cherish this past summer’s memories!  i love you sweetie and i know its gonna get a little getting use to, going from kindergarten to first grade with a new teacher, new schedules and new friends, but i only hope that along the way you will love everything about this new year as you grew to love everything about last year!  i can’t wait to see you explore and learn even more!

xoxo ~ mommy

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