.project 52. week 32. nostalgia.

here we go with this week’s theme…..nostalgia.  i remember when my brother and i were kids my mom would keep track of our yearly growth spurts on one of the walls that led into our kitchen in our country farm house that we called home for over 30 years….and even though my parents no longer have that home i will forever remember those pen marks on the wall as a true childhood memory!  when my hubby and i and our little man moved into our new home a couple years back, i wanted to start those same memories and traditions, which i did.  but now fast forward to today where we will be leaving this marked-up kitchen wall behind, but not without amazing memories and pictures to remind us.  even amongst all the packing boxes, we will still be reminded of the stages our little guy  has grown through, not just by feet or inches but by leaps and bounds and in my opinion, just.way.too.fast!

next up lets head over to illinois and see what christine blaylock has in store for us!

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