.project 52. week 36. strangers.

here we are, on friday with our 52 project and this week’s theme is strangers.  it may be odd of the picture you see below for this week’s theme, but let me tell you, those storm clouds you see hovering over our house, were such a strange sight to set our eyes on this past week, not that we haven’t had storm clouds reach us this past summer but these particular clouds actually did some amazing work for us…..they actually carried some very, very much needed precipitation with them and drastically cooled our days down.  they stayed with us for a good couple 4-5 days and are now gone but i hope they don’t stay strangers from us for too long.

now lets go see what my friend misty setzler, lubbock, texas photographer is gonna show us for this week’s strangers theme.

xoxo – j

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