.our project ten. december.

birthday edition!  it was actually kind of a week long celebration and i’lllll take it! 😉  but for this project i decided to document my actual birth”day” as uneventfully EVENTFUL it was (hope that makes sense?-LOL)…it was perfectly low key….just the way i wanted it!

as a reminder this project is a documentation of a day of our life “as is” each month, where i am participating with nine other amazing photographers from around the world and post on the 10th of every month!  so here was my day……

.elf on the shelf – aka “fred” started our morning with a nice surprise. bday cards from my loves. best gift eva. unstoppable fb bday wishes (secretly LOVED). met with my little guy at school for “holiday feast” lunch. actual lunch (shhhhh, not big on school food ;)). after school activity. someone waiting his turn. kicking feet up by fire. best way to end a bday day-lounging with my guys.

continue with the circle and check out nancy lary and see how she spent her day.

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