.project 52. week 52. self-portrait.

i know were into the new year but as our group started one week behind with our project 52 2011, this week will actually be our final and last week with the theme of self-portrait!  this is always a dreaded and very hard image for me to take, i’m usually not camera shy one bit but when i end up doing it all myself and OF myself i tend to not know how to act.  with that being said, i’m actually pretty thrilled how this one turned out, it’s not super creative by any means but it shows exactly how i feel and how much i’m looking forward to this new start of a fresh new year…….bring on 2012!

thank you for taking this yearly creative journey with me and keep checking back as i’m still doing my “project ten” each month with an amazing group of photographers from around the world and a new exciting personal project “just us 12 times” that was fully inspired by a great photographer friend of mine, jules trandem.

now lets head on over to my beautiful friend amy craft, san antonio texas photographer and she her take on her self-portrait.


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