.meet the gladdens.

this family session is probably one of my favorites that i’ve shot thus far.  i’m still a little behind on posting all my amazing sessions from this past 2011 fall|winter and trying to catch up as fast as possible.  i came from a small town and went to school with justin.  his wife, dawn and her family, whom i’ve known for many, many years, is also from our little town of buckeye, which btw, isn’t too little anymore.  dawn and i spoke very early on and had many conversations about what she was envisioning for her family session, i loved how involved she was!  with knowing what she wanted, we ended up having to re-scheduele a few times so that we could get that “perfect” location.  but even with all the hard work and her ideal vision, our location ended up being NOT exactly “the” location that she had hoped for but all in all we did get the casualness, rustic feel she was going for and i couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  justin and dawn, you sure make some gorgeous babies!!!!!!!


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