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i am starting a new personal project this year with a group of lovely ladies, where each month we will write and post a letter to our children.  we will write in our own words…from our own hearts…with no rules.  i had wanted to start this project last year and so happy that i joined in this group because this is exactly the push i needed to get me going.  please make sure you follow onto the blog of Eileen Gomez for her letter and she will then have a link to bring you around the circle.

My Sweet Raney, 

Wow, I cannot believe you are  7 1/2 already ( just 3 months shy of turning 8 ) and in the 2nd grade!  I am so amazed and beyond blessed that we get to call you OURS!  I can’t begin to share with you how much I had always wanted to be a mother and the day I met your Dad (almost 13 years ago), I just knew my dreams of having a family would soon be coming true.  Unfortunately we struggled for many, MANY years of fertility issues and treatments that literally took us on an emotional and physical roller-coaster.  After numerous failed AI attempts, we decided on IVF treatments (I know all these medical terms are very confusing but no worries, I will explain it all when you are older, for now it just means that Mommy needed a little help to bring you to us) and then there was finally that ONE day, a day that will forever be sketched in my memory, August 28th, 2004 (your Magna’s birthday, of all special days) when I heard the most amazing words come from our doctor…your pregnant!  You were are our miracle baby!  You were 5 weeks premature but healthy as healthy can be, thank goodness!  You are a strong combination of both me and Daddy and your smile just lights up any room you walk into!  We have since tried with all our power to bring you a sibling into this world but with unsuccessful IVF attempts, I guess we were meant to be a family of three, which is perfect in our book!  This just means we get to shower you and only you with all our love and I don’t think you mind one bit!   

I love you with all that I am ~ Mommy



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