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my sweet raney,

wow, these past few weeks have been such a strong whirl wind!  you never cease to amaze me, you are such a strong, tough little boy!  in all your seven years, you’ve been a pretty healthy boy (which is amazing since you were a premie and born 5 weeks early, but super healthy!), up until the past year and a half when you have been getting a string of bad strep throat, 9 times to be exact!  sometimes we wouldn’t even know, as you would just continue along with your usual happy go lucky personality  until you were to the point of not  being able to swallow.  we had talked with your ent doctor and decided it was best to have your tonsils and adenoids removed and decided on the week of your spring break (i know you’ll be real happy about that one!) to have the surgery so you don’t miss a great amount of school.  

two weeks leading up to your surgery, you burned the palm of both hands on a hot iron i had plugged in, getting ready to iron your dress shirt for your 2nd grade class pictures the next morning.  it was already late, past your bedtime, daddy was at work and i had walked out of the room for a moment not even realizing i needed to warn you i had the iron plugged in as you were never a child we had to worry about things like that, especially now at this age.  then at “that” moment i turned around and you just looked at me with this smile on your face, holding your hands in the air as if  “wow that hurt, did i just do that”, and i knew exactly what had just happened and then your smile turned immediately into sheer horror and screams that i had never heard come from you!  the hardest part was trying to keep you calm, after calling and talking to daddy, magna, your uncles and aunts to help me try and help you,  a couple hours had passed and i had wrapped both hands tightly, you cried yourself to sleep in my arms.  my heart was breaking for you, knowing how much pain you were in.

this is leading me up to your tonsil surgery.  the next event was having your two upper front teeth pulled just 3 days before your surgery.  your dad and i were very worried about a super, super loose tooth that you had (you would NOT pull it or allow anyone else to pull it anytime soon) going into surgery, we didn’t want you to end up swallowing it so i made an appointment with your dentist to get her opinion and after your cleaning she had convinced you that she needed to pull your tooth.  your dad and i were in the waiting room, we were amazed at how brave you were right at that moment as you had come miles and miles with being “ok” at the dentist office.  when we came back to check on you, you not only had your one tooth pulled but two were pulled!  the one next to it was loose as well so we got two for the price of one!  and so at age 7 you had now finally lost 4 teeth in all! 😉

the morning came, we had to be at phoenix childrens hospital early and magna met us there, she is the best grandma a grandchild could ever have!  she wasn’t about to have her grandson go into surgery (your first ever) without being right by your side, even if she was feeling under the weather herself!  you seriously were so brave, our baby boy, more brave than we were, i hid it well but i was so scared for you and believe it or not you helped me and seemed to comfort your daddy and i more than you’ll ever know!  it was the quickest surgery ever, only about 15-20 minutes and once you woke we were able to take you home.  you did amazingly well that first two days, you slept most of it and loved the gifts, balloons and hand-made cards that were sent to you, they all sure made you smile!  on day 6, i was so relieved and happy to see you feeling so much better (still not eating much of anything at all except for milkshakes) and couldn’t wait to pull out my camera and get some pictures of that amazing new toothless grin you are now sporting.  day 7 seemed to be a huge set-back as you were in a lot of pain, but as i write this, day 8 post surgery, you really seemed to be yourself again and possibly even going to school tomorrow morning.  even though you are still my baby and always will be, these past two weeks have really shown me and reminded me that you are definitely growing up and becoming such a strong, brave, tough little man and i (and your father) could not be any more prouder than we are at this moment!

i love you beyond words can express ~ mommy

next in our circle is amy hoogstad, hamilton newborn photographer


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