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dear raney,

you turned 8 last month (april 16th). EIGHT!!!!!!  i don’t know why as a parent time must fly by soooo fast, you are growing too quickly in our eyes.  if i had any power over time itself, i’d keep you little forever!  but i don’t nor do i want to miss these amazing stages of your childhood.  you are so dang thoughtful, caring and funny…ohhhh are you funny!  you have such a silly side and i will never ever get tired of laughing at your jokes or watching your silly dancing grooves or now your newest thing, making those dang farting noises…..and you are very proud of those noises let me tell you…..you can do them with both hands clasped together, under your armpits and behind your knees.  why or why must boys learn such things???  i have no clue “how” you even learned such a talent but you sure are proud (and i do have to say, even though we laugh and it’s funny, you do know that it’s not a super polite thing at all so it’s to only be done at home not in public).  but with that being said, i love that you are all boy and i wouldn’t change one.thing.about.that!!!!!

you had such a fun time celebrating your birthday this year, a week long celebration with quit a few parties!  for your big party you were over the moon that we were able to rent an actual game truck (best invention ever!) which parked right in front of our house and you and about 11 of your friends got to play every video game imaginable for a full 2 hours, you did not come out of that truck until time was up!  then on your actual birthday you got to have a fun class celebration at school to come home to your favorite birthday brownies and super giant chocolate chip cookie….YUM!!!!!  unfortunately we didn’t get to go to your traditional birthday dinner that night as i caught the stomach flu that afternoon.  i could not believe it, i haven’t had the flu in years and all of a sudden BAM on your actual birthday, i felt sooooo awful, i wanted you to be spoiled and all of a sudden you  were having to take care of your mama on the night of your birthday (as dad had to be off at work that night also).  you were so caring and loving taking care of me, i couldn’t believe how grown-up you had to be right then and there.  thankfully i was better towards the end of the week and dad was off and we were able to get to that traditional birthday dinner of yours.  your choice, red robin of course!  

i love you for who you are and who your are becoming….my heart bursts for love for you my sweet, sweet boy!!!!!! ~ mommy

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