.letters to our children. my son. june.

my sweetest raney,

i cannot get over the fact that you just completed 2nd grade!  you have achieved so much this past school year, reading being one of your biggest accomplishments!  it was like a light bulb went off and your dad and i could not be any more prouder of you than we already are!   you amaze us day to day with your push and drive.  the most rewarding part of your learning curve, for your dad and i, is that you WANT to learn and become better and better.  we are now in full mode summer break and your loving every minute of it, most importantly…..sleeping in (me too!).  we had to postpone our yearly summer vacation to cabo and our san diego (sea world) vacation so we can prepare ourselves (packing, packing and more packing) and be ready for our big move in the beginning of august to our beautiful new house were building, just about ten miles away.  your very adament of wanting to stay at your same school, your big on structure (and LOVE your friends….don’t blame ya on that one).  i’ll be driving you back n forth for the next couple of years and your dad and i are really happy with this school.  it just makes sense, you’ve been going there since kindergarten and my job has me working from home so i have the capability to take you and pick you up….it will all be worth it! 

so in lieu of going on a vacation we are doing a couple “staycations” here locally.  we just had our first over father’s day weekend, to celebrate dad’s day and dad’s birthday, at the montulicia resort in paradise valley and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!  dad has been working a lot to help get us ready to move into our new home, so anytime we get to spend with him is much needed perfect quality time!  watching the two of you together warms my heart more than anything and i just sit back wondering how on earth i got so unbelievably lucky!  you just adore your dad and can’t get enough of being around him, the two of you were in the pool for hours on end that weekend!  i love watching the bond the two of you have, he is such an amazing father and i pray you follow in his footsteps, as i know you will!

i love you beyond words can express and am so very, very proud of who you are becoming – mommy

now you can head over to my friend laura meeks | albuquerque children’s photographer and read her wonderful letter to her children.


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