. letters to our children. my son. september

sorry i missed july and august for my “letters to our children” series but after a hectic summer of packing and moving into our new home i’m getting back on track!

my sweet raney,

why must time go by so quickly???  we went out for your traditional school year pictures, your started the 3rd grade back in august (already 7 weeks ago).  THIRD GRADE!!!!!!  when i look at you, i see a boy who is so alive and such a big dreamer, a boy who has such confidence and then all of a sudden i see that little 5 year that was about to embark on such an adventure into kindergarten.  so many years have gone by, but yet i feel as if everything has happened just yesterday.  i always sit and wonder how “I” got so lucky!  how “I” get to listen to that amazing laugh of yours.  how “I’ get to see those eyes of your light up when you’ve finished reading the whole diary of a wimpy kid book series.  how “I” get to see you become a master of all masters at your video games.  how “I” get to see you join an after school club for the very first time with such excitement and of all things the “chess club”.  how “I” get to hear you talk “over and over” again how much you can’t wait for winter because this is when flag football starts.  and “I” get to be right here by your side as you experience all life has to offer……you are OUR greatest gift and OUR everything!!!!  i love you R ~ mom

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